Components in Bulb

The h11 led bulb conversion kit is one of the artificial light sources obtained by channeling electricity through the filament and later it will turn into heat and light. The glass layer that covers this hot filament will block the air from touching directly so that the filament will not be damaged by oxidation.

Bulbs on the market today vary in terms of shape and voltage as well, for example, 1.25 volts to 300 volts. While the energy needed so that the bulb can produce bright light requires a large amount of electrical energy when compared to other types of artificial light.

Here are the components of the bulb:

A bulb is made of glass which becomes the glass sheath that covers the filament.
This filament is made of tungsten
Fill gas, low-pressure gas such as argon, neon, nitrogen.
A wire connecting the middle leg
Thread connecting wire
Support wire
Buffer glass
Threaded electrical contacts
Electrical contacts in the middle leg

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