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Organic Body Butters Let You Hydrate the Natural Way

Who says only vampires can return from the dead? So can butter, and in its second coming, it returns as a conquering hero – no longer the fat that clogs arteries but a moisturizer that nourishes the skin, keeping it soft and healthy in the way only organic body butters can

What Are Organic Butters?
Organic buttes are moisturizers designed to work the same way as lotions. Unlike other moisturizers, however, it’s made from organic ingredients. Organic butters’ main component is — you guessed it — butter. Think shea butter, mango butter, cocoa butter, and aloe butter. These butters are mixed with liquid oils, such as avocado oil, almond oil, and olive oil, and are processed to “feed” the skin sans the grease.

The Buttery Truth
Organic butters are like lotion – only better. They’re lotion without the water and preservatives. When you buy lotions, you get 70 to 90% water and only a little of the natural extracts; with organic body butters, you get the butters and oils in concentrated form. What makes organic body butters so hydrating? The secret is in the blend. At the heart of each blend are nut oils and emollient seeds that are extracted, ground, cold-pressed, and then cooked until all of their fats and oils are released.

Homemade Organic Body Butters?
A lot of people have taken to making their own organic body butters. This is fine if you’re Martha Stewart, a stay-at-home mom, or a mad scientist who wouldn’t hesitate to use herself as a guinea pig. If you’re pressed for time like most people are, though, leave the cauldrons and the double boilers to DIY nuts and manufacturers. Organic butters are sold a’jar a’plenty in stores. A quick trip down the beauty aisle is all you need to pick out the latest indulgence for your skin – organic body butters. Yes, it’s butter but this one melts on your skin, not in your mouth.