How We Should Do When We Are Sick

You must realize that the test that befell this comes from a loving God, who loves more than a mother’s love, even more than human love for oneself. Allah is Holy, He is the one who tests man, and the test is His love for his servant. Good prejudice to God means realizing that the disaster that befalls it is good for humanity itself, and that is certain, but many people do not know it. You may think that you make too many sins so you decide to call someone trusted for an urgent prayer request.

If you are sick, then you should not be preoccupied with the tests and trials, so that you forget the “who gave the test and the trials”, namely Allah SWT. Many sick people are busy with the tests they face, all of their thoughts are focused on finding a doctor, going to the laboratory, doing radiology therapy, and various other modern therapies, and so on, but they forget God. Even though it is fitting, humans are closer to God when they are sick. It would be more useful and more hopeful if when he was sick he complained wholeheartedly to God while trying to find a cure.

Believing that treatment is one reason. Treatment is one reason, surgery is one reason, medicine is one reason, all of that is simply a cause. Whereas a cause cannot give any effect except with God’s permission. Every disease has a cure. If the medicine is related to the disease, then he will recover with God’s permission.

We must be sure that what gives healing is God, not a doctor or medicine. A healer is God, therefore let our hearts depend on God alone, not on the causes of healing. Heart dependence on causes is a shirker.