The Reasons Why You Always Get Brilliant Ideas In Bathroom,

You must get brilliant ideas when you were doing your daily cleaning ritual in the bathroom. You may go to the bathroom to just calm down from work and tasks that are piled up and must be finished immediately. Come to think of it, there are many other places that are much cooler than the bathroom to get brilliant ideas from an anti-mainstream bin and calm down. If you are aware that you often get ideas when you spend your time in the bathroom, you can remodel it. You can choose the best contractors near me so you remodel your bathroom based on your own design and idea.

The bathroom is a room with a high level of privacy. When you use the bathroom, of course, you are alone. This makes your body and brain relax. When your body relaxes you can think calmly and clearly without any interference and pressure.

For your information, the bathroom helps our brain release the hormone dopamine. The bathroom is the second place after the bedroom is able to make our body relax and forget our busyness for a moment. Well, this is where the brain starts releasing dopamine hormone which can make you able to find brilliant ideas. Dopamine is a signaling neurotransmitter or organic compound between brain neurons, which helps control the center of satisfaction and pleasure in the brain.

The bathroom is the right place to decide something or just think. The dopamine hormone which is often released by the brain when we are in the bathroom also turns out to be able to help us in making decisions or taking actions. Besides, because dopamine has the task of helping our brains to regulate their actions and emotional responses, it turns out that a relaxed and comfortable body can make our thinking better.