These Are Signs When Your Car’s AC Runs Out Of Freon

The air conditioner (AC) installed in the car is able to release the cold thanks to the presence of the freon. Over time, freon air conditioning often runs out due to damage to the car’s air conditioning system. As a result, the wind released from the AC was no longer cold, it could even make the car feel hot. Aside from that, if you want optimum maintenance for your car, we recommend you hire the

Drive in the heat without air conditioning with cold gusts? Where to stand! That’s why, when you find and experience the signs below, immediately replace the freon. What are the signs? Here are the signs for you:

# 1: The Air Feels Like a Fan Blowing

The function of the fan and also the air conditioner is to cool the air together. The difference is that the air blowing has a different degree of cold. Of course, the air released by the air conditioner is cooler and also soothing. When you begin to feel that the air released by the air conditioner is no longer, as usual, this indicates that the car’s freon is running low. If you let the freon run out, even the wind blows will eventually feel like a fan, it won’t be as cold as when it still has some freon.

# 2: Non-rotating AC Compressor

When the air that blows inside the cabin of the car is no longer cool, immediately check the AC compressor. If this part does not rotate or die, it is certain that the contents of Freon are used up. Immediately replace the freon with a new one!

# 3: Unmoving AC fan

In addition to checking the compressor section, another indicator that shows the freon of the car is out of motion the AC fan is not moving. When you turn on the car’s AC button, observe whether the fan inside is experiencing rotation or not. If the fan is stationary, immediately carry out further checks. This check can make you more confident, whether the fan does not rotate because the freon runs out or damage occurs. Well, if only because the freon runs out, you can just make a replacement. If there is damage, this is the worst! You must repair it immediately!