This Is How Hydroelectric Power Plant Works

In essence, the way the Hydroelectric Power Plant works is how to convert water energy into electricity that can be consumed by homes that need electricity. The use of water is very important to use to drive the turbine. The water in the dam will go down into the designed hole to rotate the big turbine/fan, the deeper the hole, the bigger the water discharge will drop and get a large turbine rotation. From the rotation of the turbine will produce mechanical energy which will be converted through a generator into electrical energy. On the other hand, you may want to call the best electrician columbia sc if there is an electrical problem at your home.

Components of Hydroelectric Power Generation and How It Works

1. Reservoir / Dam

Reservoir / Dam functions to hold large amounts of water because turbines require an adequate and stable water supply. In addition, reservoirs also function for flood control. Most of these reservoirs also have a section called sluice to gradually or unwanted dispose of unwanted water.

2. Fast Pipes (Penstock)

This tool serves to channel and direct water to the turbine chimney. One end of the fast pipe was installed on the sedimentary tub 10 cm above the ground floor as a sedative. While the other end is directed at the turbine chimney.

3. Turbine

The falling force of the water that drives the propeller causes the turbine to spin. Most water turbines are like windmills. By replacing the wind push function to rotate the blades the water is replaced by turning the turbine. Furthermore, the turbine will convert potential energy due to the falling force of water into kinetic energy.

4. Generator

This tool is connected to a turbine through rotary gears so that when the turbine propeller rotates, the generator will also rotate. The generator utilizes a turbine rotation to rotate the magnetic coil inside the generator so that there is a movement of electrons that generate AC electricity.

5. Transmission Line

This transmission line serves to drain electricity from a Hydroelectric Power Plant to homes or industries. Before electricity is consumed, the voltage is first reduced by a step-down transformer.