This Is The Process Of Working On Land Clearing That You Should Know

The land that will be built by a house or building must be cleaned first of various trees and various things that are there. For this reason, a land clearing process must be carried out so that a house or building can be built. Land Clearing is a process where soil cleaning is carried out so that the construction of a building can run well.

There are several ways that must be done if you want to do the land clearing. This is the process of processing land clearing that you should know.

1. Underbrushing
It is an activity that leads to the clearing of trees with a maximum diameter of 30 cm in order to facilitate implementation.

2. Felling/cutting
Is the activity of felling trees that are more than 30 cm in diameter.

3. Pilling
The activity of collecting wood which is then collected into piles of wood at a certain distance, it should be noted that there are stack paths that are in accordance with the direction of wind.

4. Burning
It is the burning of wood that has been overthrown and is quite dry, without neglecting the wood that can be utilized.

Land clearing must be done so that the process of building a building or house can run well. If you do not do land clearing, then you must be prepared with various risks from the texture and shape of the land you buy. You have to handle it yourself. In fact, land clearing can only be handled by professional people.

You must know that land clearing must be done by a professional person because the tools used must be the right tools and they can measure how precisely the land is for the building and house that you will build.