Thread May Snap When The Embroidery Machine Isn’t Digitalized Well

It turns out that there are still many misconceptions and wrong myths when using computer embroidery machines. Computer-based embroidery machines really make work easier and make the embroidery business grow faster. However, some misconceptions about computer embroidery machines make work more complicated. One of these errors is a broken thread due to a design that is not digitalized properly. Aside from that, you should check out the embroidery columbia sc if you’re looking for a trusted embroidery service company near your area.

Of course the possibility of thread breaking due to poor digitization techniques. On computer embroidery machines do rely on correct digitization to produce commands on the machine clearly. The most common damage associated with the design is a puncture that is too short (less than 1mm) or stitches that are too tight.

However, many things can be the cause of breaking threads and it has nothing to do with design. Broken threads can be caused by broken needles or old, dry and inexpensive threads. Dyes in threads can also weaken fibers in threads, some colors like red and black are probably fragile threads. Broken threads can be caused due to rough corners of the engine.

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