Unique School Uniforms in Various Countries!

School uniforms are identity for schools. Usually, a school uniform policy is determined by the local government. Of the many school uniforms that exist at school uniform store, here are some unique uniforms of school students in various parts of the world!

1. Australia
The matching tartan skirt above the knee with the white shirt, suit, and tie worn by female students at Australian school are really charming. Not to mention coupled with black stockings that look transparent.

2. Japan
One important aspect of school uniforms is that the models change according to the season. Students have summer and winter school uniforms to cope with the frequent weather changes in Japan. Many students choose to add sweaters to summer uniforms during cold weather.

3. England
Have you ever seen Harry Potter? Do you notice the uniform model worn by the characters? Well, that’s the school uniform model in England. In general, students usually use sweaters or even blazers to outer from uniform. Do not forget to be accompanied by a tie that must also be used both students and students. This is what makes the uninformed style in England look formal and neat.

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