You Should Know The Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Wind Power Plant

In windmills, wind energy is needed to drive mechanical equipment so that it can help perform physical performance such as pumping water. The wind’s energy arises from the existence of atmospheric circulation which is obtained by the activity of solar energy sources. So that the entire equatorial region will receive more solar radiation energy from the polar regions. This air movement is directly affected by differences in the type and pressure of air or wind. So what underlies the differences in the advantages and disadvantages of Wind power plants. Apart from that, you may want to call the get the facts when you need trusted and affordable electrical experts near your area.

Here are the advantages & disadvantages of wind power plant

The benefits:

1. Renewable energy sources. The wind is one of the renewable energies that will never run out like oil, which is why wind is said to be renewable energy.

2. No Emissions. Wind energy is environmentally friendly energy and does not cause emissions. These emissions are dangerous and can cause acid rain or greenhouse gases.

3. Environmentally friendly. One of the advantages of using this energy is that it is environmentally friendly, by not polluting the surrounding environment.

4. Use of smaller space. This energy only requires a few meters to form the foundation of a wind turbine. With smaller space, the remaining space can be used for other purposes such as agriculture.

The disadvantages:

1. Difficult to predict. The wind is natural energy that is difficult to predict and cannot be relied on continuously.

2. High costs. Power plants Angina power is always placed at a place far from the source of the load. However, high costs are needed to build the place. And of course, all of that requires transmission at a high cost.

3. High Treatment Prices. In addition to the construction of the wind power plant requires high costs, maintenance costs for wind turbines are also very high. Why is that? Because wind turbines have several parts that often break down over time.

4. Threats to animal life. Birds that fly freely, both in groups and individuals have the possibility to get hit by a wind turbine.